Fibonacci Retracement Indicator (MetaTrader 4)

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The Fibonacci Retracement tool is used to identify reliable support and resistance levels based on the Fibonacci sequence. It can also be used to accurately predict how far the price will travel after a pullback; hence, you can use this tool to place accurate exit points for your positions.

When used correctly, the Fibonacci Retracement can improve the accuracy of your trading decisions significantly; however, many traders do not use this tool correctly. Therefore, we have developed this indicator which automatically draws it for you.

The Fibonacci Retracement Indicator automatically monitors the price of any financial instrument of your choice, and draws the Fibonacci Retracement tool for you. Thus, you can ensure that the tool will be utilized correctly and your analysis will be accurate.

You also have customization options such as changing the colors and adjusting bullish or bearish trends for this indicator.

At checkout, you will be provided with the files needed for the installation of this indicator, along with a comprehensive guide which helps you through every step of the way.

Keep in mind that MetaTrader 4 is required to use this product. This product will be available for other trading platforms soon. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at contact@rivotrading.com.