About Us

Rivo Trading is committed to empowering individuals and organizations by providing premium financial services to establish confidence in our stakeholders’ financial future.


Revolutionizing the unfulfilled market of trading and investment technology, Rivo Trading produces strategic and premium quality trading software available to anyone that welcomes innovation. All of our products have been thoroughly back-tested and can accurately predict the future price changes of any security. Click the button below to read more about us and what we stand for.

With the growing popularity of the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex),  the Stock Market and such investment activities all around the world, the demand for financial services is growing more and more. Considering the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence as well, automated trading systems are more efficient than ever before. Unfortunately, scams are extremely common in this industry as using simulated testing environments can easily be exploited. However, not only have we back-tested our products thoroughly but also we took part in an extremely credible trading competition and achieved a steady 33.6% profit. In our first year, we were nominated for the Best Trading Technology in 2020 award by Benzinga. In addition, we have compared our products to similar alternatives by purchasing and testing their software individually. If you are interested in what we do, please refer to our 'Products' page to view our products and their features.